Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I thought we were gettin' close to summer...

...but no! We're not! After a rainy morning and 
Mayne, that's a hella pretty view
Lots of snow in the foothills
As Rebecca Black would say, Gotta get' down on Friday
much ttfing (team take forever-ing) we finally made it up to bogus around 4 to find bright sunny skies and lots and lots of powder. With a bit of hiking we ended up at the summit around 5 or so and got to take what will probably be the last pow line at Bogus for a season. After that we made our way down to a booter Evan and friends had built but gave us the green light on, nothin' like not having to dig for three hours! We ended up coming back the next day too and trying to get some more shots on it. Cole was throwin' it down with some nice spins after riding like 4 times all season, I don't know how that kid manages to get better every time we shred without ever riding. Anyways we had an awesome couple of days hikin' some pow lines and grabbin some air, and the week was extra special because the douchebag grounds keeper at Bogus never kicked us out, double win! So enough rambling, here's a few more pictures of the fun and I'm hoping Tom gets on his game toes and throws an edit in this post within a day or two, so look out for that! Here's to a few more months of some dank ass shreddin!                      -Scott                                                                                                  
Poor tuckered out guy, he must've overshot a good 25 feet that day
Still Snowin'
Handin down some driving lessons
Easy hiking when you're followin some nice boot pack
Some pretty sunset action
Some cow homies who didn't wanna wait around to meet me
Someday epic dirt gap, someday
"Snowboarding is fun!"
Lots of nice weather down in Boise for the day

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